Friday, June 11, 2010

Got your domain name?

First things first. If you want a truly personalized - your very own - website, you ought to have your own domain name. It would be your permanent address on the web. A unique identity that you control. You can point it to any of your locations on the web (like right now, I am pointing to this blog and few other places) or have email addresses ending with your domain name (like, etc... the opportunities are unlimited.

Getting your own domain name? You think its too "geeky"? So did I until a few months ago. But believe me registering a domain name is just as simple as ordering a t-shirt from an online store. You just need a credit card/online bank account, luck and/or imagination. Credit card to pay for domain registration; luck to find your name available and that no one else owns it; and imagination so that if your name is not available you can be a bit creative to make-up a suitable name for yourself.

Let me tell you, whether you are an individual or an organization, spending that bit on your own domain name is worth every paisa (and no, I am not selling anything here).

I will post about choosing a domain name and getting deals on domain-registration later. Till then ciao!

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