Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sweeten the Deal

This is more like an update to my previous post on selecting a registrar. But I am writing a separate post because its a bit lengthy.

Recently, I was hanging out with my old friend, Google, when I thought of throwing in a query about 'promo codes' that the domain registration sites keep asking about while checking out the shopping carts. And surprisingly there are many sites dedicated to the listing of these promo codes.

Let me explain a little more about these promo codes. I've observed that in case of many registrars, while giving the final prices for the domain registration, there is usually a field to enter 'promo code' or 'source code' or something similar. This entitles you to get additional discount. Some registrars ask this information at the time of revealing the prices and some at the time of finally checking out before proceeding to payment stage.

A quick search for the words 'godaddy promo source code' brings up thousands of websites/blogs which list the current promotional codes for availing additional discounts on domain registration/transfer/renewal/etc at Go to any of the site and you will find promo codes for various types of discount - like some for, say, 10% on total order value, other for $5 discount on order > $30 and the list goes on. Copy the code for the discount type that suits you and paste it in the field provided on the registrar's website.

Like I said earlier, there are many leading registrars which offer these types of discount on providing promo codes. So in the above example, replace the name godaddy with any other registrar's name having similar offering and you should find the list of relevant websites.

But there's one thing to keep in mind. The registrars keep changing their promo codes at regular intervals. I encountered a few sites where the codes given had expired. So go to a site which says 'promo code for July 2010' if you are registering the domain in July '10 to get the most relevant codes.

Now select the registrar who gives the lowest price after promotional discount. Isn't this called sweetening the deal?

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